Watching Watches

Watching Watches

The Time To Invest

Technology has always been the main front for trends and how to world moves forward, two great examples of this technological happening can be seen in Apple and how they have change mobile phones and what that are, to then the other side with Tesla and the electric car becoming predominantly more accepted and used as a perfect mode of transport. So, you may be wondering why this is under the topics of watches? Well it’s simply to that although the world is moving at an impressive speed in technology and its advancements, it is also the best time for watches and collectors.

The year of 2017 will go down in history as an incredibly influential year for watch collecting world, this is mainly due to the fact Sir Paul Newman’s very own Rolex Daytona watch we are all so familiar with sold for an incredible $17.8 millions dollars at auction, which is a new world record for the most a watch has sold for at auction.

Along with this goes the many, many auction records being broken this year also and one of which i was able to witness. A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss which dates from 1958 which was given an estimate of £40,000-£60,000 ahead of the auction which took place on the 28th of november. Well i can definitively tell you that the price took no time at all to fly past £60,000 and reach a total of £110,000 at the hammer (before fees). This example along with many more happening throughout the year can tell us all that there is and will be a large pick up in the watch market in 2018.

Why Invest?

Traditionally an investment would be putting some money into a savings account at the bank as to which you will gain 0.5% over a year on your investment. This is and has always been the normal way of saving not including a house which is the only solid way to invest money for a good return in the current market, but is it the only way?

The greatest way in my opinion is to invest money is in a watch or on a collection of watches, buy the correct pieces and you can make a lot of money in return whilst enjoying some of the finest tools and pieces of jewellery ever made. But of course different factors and uncertainties of a particular market can make it difficult to get into or to make successful from the outset. This could see you gaining anywhere from a few hundred pounds per watch a year up to thousands (depending on initial investment).

Thus The Watch Boutique can help you get the ball rolling and advise you on whats good and bad, and perhaps even get your collection started!

Written By Daniel