The Poor Man's Rolex

Tudor, the brand you either like, dislike or even have never heard of. Tudor was established in 1926 and the name Trademarked. Rolex Owner Hans Wilsdorf created the sister company to Rolex and it wouldn’t make anything of major significance until 1954. The Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner was a 100m waterproof watch which was later increased to 200m in 1958.

As you can see in the picture above the Rolex and Tudor equivalents look very similar in design and in their purpose.

So why would you buy a Tudor over a Rolex?

Apart from the price being less for a Tudor and them both doing the same thing what is the reason for people not liking Tudor watches as much as the Rolex, it’s big brother?

On the inside is where the difference is, Rolex created and made all of their own movements and parts in house and to a very high standard were as Tudor used ETA movements which are and were a bit more generic and although they are very good and accurate it does mean that the watch doesn't come with that same feel of care and quality like a Rolex does.

In my personal opinion i love Tudor watches and that is mainly down to design and how great they are to use and wear on a daily basis. Plus who doesn’t like an underdog.

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Written By Daniel