2018 In Review

2018 Review

The year 2018 was another remarkable year in the world of watches with a big step up in prices and values. The Rolex bubble is perhaps the best place to start with some pretty questionable price demands. The new GMT that retails at £7,150 after a price increase in the later months. The used value which is between £14,000-£16,500 due to supply and demand has created chaos in the watch world and has caused many knock on price increases.

If you’re not able to get that GMT you might go for a Submariner which have also become more and more popular because more people are settling for less and creating a demand that’s a lot more than it was 1 year ago. A similar thing has happened with Tudor Submariners and pretty much most Sports watches that have a following.

Will we see this price heightened bubble pop? I guess we’ll see.

Omega have officially come out with their own fully in house movement! Finally!

The Omega Seamaster has been updated and slightly changed from the previous model with the main noticeable feature being the return of the wavy dial, which was welcomed by most Omega fans! With values always changing, the used market witnessed another slight rise in the Omega section with the Seamaster professionals and Speedmaster Reduced making a slight jump up in price.

Will the demand for Omega pick up and rise? We aren’t so sure.

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We of course took on a shop!

We have been based at Heart Of The Shires now for 5 months and have loved everyday! It’s been great to meet some of you and connect with new customers! Thank you for all your support!

What will 2019 bring?

Perhaps this year will be a more relaxed year, but then again, with prices always adjusting and more options becoming available it is anyone's guess.

We shall aim to do a Blog post each month and please drop us and email if you enjoy reading these small pieces by us, it helps to know :)

Have a great start to the year and we hope you can get your dream watch found or your collection started!

Happy New Year.

The Watch Boutique